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A description of eye golden music video self fellatio video

One Piece has several examples: King Nefertari Cobra cares deeply about his people.

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When a revolution takes place within his country, he's more concerned that his subjects are unhappy than he is about his own safety.

King Neptune of Fishman Island, who used his own body to shield his subjects from an attack. Wapol's father was a king that cared for his subjects and was beloved by all. His son turned out to be The Caligula.

A description of eye golden music video self fellatio video

Though his country was poor, it was thriving and the people loved him back. Then Doflamingo came and fucked everything up, making Riku Dold seem like a murderer who stole money from his citizens while slaughtering them via Frame-Up.

Once the truth was revealed, however, the Dressrosan people starting trusting Riku again. Hotohori in Fushigi Yuugi. He rules with fairness and he really is a Nice Guy. It's just too bad he got chi-blasted by Nakago, because after that, the Konan Empire started falling apart, despite Houki and Boushin's best efforts.

Saber is similar to King Arthur and isolated herself from her people so she could be the most effective and just leader possible. Rider is moled similarly to Alexander the Great. Rider's passion and love for his people let him empathize with and inspire them.

Rider disapproves of Saber's approach and ideal of being a perfect king while Archer admires the beauty in striving for something impossible though he mostly just wants her because he finds her physically attractive.

The King of the World from Dragon Ball is a minor character, but is shown to be a kind and noble ruler and later in the story, one of the few Earthlings to figure out that normal means will just get people killed against Cell.

Pharaoh Atem from Yu-Gi-Oh! In the anime and manga, he is intelligent, wise and noble, and has a deep love for his people and friends that leads him to sacrifice himself for them, maintaining a seal on the darkness until the protagonist accidentally releases his spirit at the series beginning.

He is also a graduate wise princeas his father's sudden death and mistakes left him with a mess to sort out. His successor being sketchy is averted with Seto, who is said to have brought Egypt into a prosperous age. Fiore from Fairy Tail is the King of Fiore and considered a good king in spite of his limited screen time.

While we haven't seen much of his governing skills, the fact that Fiore overall is a peaceful nation outside of the dark guilds lends credence to his ability, and he clearly shows concern for the people as his first order of business during the Grand Magic Games after learning about the upcoming dragon attack is to evacuate the citizens and plead the wizard guilds to help battle the oncoming enemy.

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One month of eight years worth of archives. Victims. The following is a list of Richard Ramirez's victims, from the book Night Stalker by Clifforord L.

Linedecker. · June 28, Jennie Vincow, 79, Glassell Park. Her throat was slashed. "I found Aquilonia in the grip of a pig like you — one who traced his genealogy for a thousand years.

The land was torn with the wars of the barons, and the people cried out under oppression and taxation.

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