A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Some of the main electrolytes in our bodies, besides potassium, are sodium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium. Your kidneys help regulate the amount of electrolytes in the body. It also works to maintain proper fluid balance between your cells and body fluids.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

If you teach your pet monkey how to use a cigarette lighter. Who said a little knowledge is dangerous thing? The correct phrase is, "A little learning is a dangerous thing. The unlearned are more open to conviction, because they are not so foolish as to think that they are wise.

Reprint, Grand Rapids, Mich. Citation has "1 InterVarsity Press,p. A little learing is a dangerous thing?

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

There shallow Draughts intoxicate the Brain, And drinking largely sobers us again. From here we frequently look upon much older or very highly-experienced people in the particular field and decide we know better.

This is where we can easily make mistakes! In some areas these mistakes can be highly dangerous, to ourselves as well as to others.

'A little knowledge is a dangerous thing' - the meaning and origin of this phrase

We must take care to retain humility, without too much insecurity. This is not to say a lot of learning necessarily makes any person infallible, but it usually takes a lot of learning to be able to see that.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

We hear of these cases from time to time, and of the tragic damage which can be caused to trusting victims. Is a little learning a dangerous thing and why? A little knowledge is a dangerous thing Share to:If you thought you already had a good contender for “most dangerous, irresponsible, and ill-informed piece of health journalism of ”, then I’m sorry to tell you that it .

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It is said that “a little learning is a dangerous thing”. It means that ‘superficial knowledge is worse than ignorance’. A person with little or no learning is very often seen to be vain, as he tries to show that he knows more than he does.

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