Advantage and disadvantage of easily obtained information

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Advantage and disadvantage of easily obtained information

Narrative, Recount, Procedure,Descriptive, and Report Text According to Latuherupictures have several functions in the teaching and learning process. First, picture can translate abstract ideas into more realistic forms.

Second, pictures are easily obtained, e. Third, pictures are usable in different kinds of academic levels.

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Fourth, picture can save the teacher's time and energy. In addition, Raimespictures in sequence provide for a variety of guided and free writing exercises. A picture sequencesuch as a comic strip, provides the subject matter for writing narrative and for speculating about the story beyond the pictures in the strip.

A set of parallel pictures provide materials that offer guidance on vocabulary, sentence structure, and organization, and then let the students to write about new subject matter. Meanwhile, Klasek states that there are several advantages of pictures.

First, the picture is inexpensive, familiar medium of communication. Moreover, picture can be arranged in sequence and can be adapted to many subjects. In addition, picture has a multiplicity of uses - by individual student, on bulletin boards and on flame board.

Furthermore, picture can assist in the prevention of, and correction of, misconceptions.

Advantage and disadvantage of easily obtained information

Besides, picture can translate word symbols, record events, explain process, extend experiences, draw comparison, show contrast, show continuity, focus attentions, and develop critical judgment.

Additionally, Wright states that pictures are very important in helping students to retell experiences or understand something since they can represent place, object, people, etc.

Pictures help the students understand a more general context, which may be made of pictures, the teacher's actions, the student's action, sound effect and words.

This overall context of new language will have meaning to the students. Dale adds that pictures have advantages of their own.

They can bring the students closed to the very point of visual context with reality itself. They can also compress or otherwise manipulate reality for teaching purposes or change the size of an object too small or too large to be visually understood in its actual dimensions.

They enable us to travel to an inaccessible place, to study in detail, and to accomplish a great many other learning that would be impossible otherwise. In addition, Sulaeman states that pictures are essential visual media since they can show concrete visual description of the ideas they bring.

They can make readers understand the ideas or information they bring clearly, even more clearly than written or oral words.

Advantage and disadvantage of easily obtained information

For example, pictures may help them to comprehend various abstractions. There are some valuable uses for pictures such as stimulating students' interest and helping readers to understand and remember the content of accompanying verbal materials.

Technology, Media, and Methods.Advantage And Disadvantage Of Easily Obtained Information MIS is the study of information needs of a management at every level in making operational, tactical, and strategic decisions.

Its aim is to design and implement machine procedures, processes, and routines that provide detailed reports in an accurate, consistent, and efficient manner.

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The difference between and advantage and a disadvantage can be very significant. An advantage means you have the upper hand in a situation usually only one person can have a particular advantage. A disadvantage can be an obstacle that more than one person can have at the same time.

The disadvantage to accessing easily obtainable information is that some information can be unreliable and questionable. Another disadvantage to easily obtainable information is that certain sites can be unsecure and 94%(33).

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