An analysis of the good friday peace agreement of the scottish national party on the topic of irelan

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to the 14th meeting in of the Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament. We have received apologies from Bashir Ahmad, who cannot attend today because he has a doctor's appointment. I say to all committee members and to everyone in the public gallery that all electronic devices such as mobile phones should be switched off during the meeting. The petition calls on Parliament to urge the Government to increase the number of specialist epilepsy nurses and to ensure that all national health service boards provide adequate epilepsy services for adults, children and people with learning disabilities.

An analysis of the good friday peace agreement of the scottish national party on the topic of irelan

Those pushing for Scotland and Northern Ireland to secede from the United Kingdom are using Brexit to justify their agendas. With authority over policy areas such as agriculture, fisheries, industry and the environment returning to the United Kingdom after Brexit, the administrations of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will push London to transfer many of those attributions to them.

An Independence Push in Scotland When Scotland held an independence referendum in55 percent of voters chose to remain in the United Kingdom. One of the main arguments against secession was that an independent Scotland would not automatically become an EU member and thus would lose access to free trade with the bloc.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the vote should take place in late or earlybefore the Brexit negotiations are over.

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She hopes that by gaining independence before the Brexit process is resolved, negotiators would be forced to consider Scotland in the final agreement, ideally fast-tracking its accession to the European Union.

May has said that now is not the time for another Scottish referendum, because she does not want it to interfere with the Brexit process. The British government faces a dilemma: If it continues to reject a referendum, nationalism in Scotland could grow; but if it authorizes a new vote, the result would be impossible to predict.

According to an opinion poll published on March 13, support for independence among Scots is at 48 percent. There likely will not be another Scottish referendum before the Brexit process is over. The Complications of Northern Ireland Northern Ireland receives millions of pounds in farming, fishing and structural subsidies from the European Union, as well as money to preserve the Good Friday peace deal.

After Brexit, there is a chance that some kind of border controls will have to be introduced. The letter delivered by the British government formally triggering the Brexit included Northern Ireland as one of the main topics for its upcoming negotiations.

Northern Ireland is going through a phase of political turbulence.

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The Good Friday deal, finalized inbrought decades of sectarian violence to an end. But the political system it created, in which unionist and nationalist forces share power, has also frequently led to inefficient governments.

An analysis of the good friday peace agreement of the scottish national party on the topic of irelan

Frictions between the two largest parties, the Democratic Unionist Party DUP and the nationalist Sinn Fein, precipitated the fall of the government in early In the snap elections that followed, Sinn Fein performed strongly, potentially indicating a surge in nationalist sentiments in Northern Ireland.

When the period allotted to form a government expired March 27 without success, the British government gave the parties until April 18 to reach agreement. According to the Good Friday Agreement, a unification referendum can happen if a majority of voters in Northern Ireland express their wish for it.

A survey taken in lateput support for a unification referendum at around 40 percent. If the parties cannot form a government, the British government is legally authorized to take direct control of Northern Ireland, but this is something that May wants to avoid.

While both parties have said that unification is still a distant possibility, these moves show the extent to which Brexit will reopen discussions about the territorial and political future of the British Isles.Tom French: The meetings have suggested that the Labour Party—as you know—the Conservative party, the Liberal Democrats, the Green party and even some Scottish National Party MSPs do not support the proposal.

Potentially, there is not much support.

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Negotiating with a Dis -United Kingdom. land, the governing Scottish National Party (SNP) now links the relationship with the EU to its calls for greater autonomy – por-traying a hard Brexit against the will of the And under the Good Friday Agreement of.

Common Travel Area and the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement as well as cooperation on policing considerations resulting from the 62% remain vote in Scotland and the quest of the Scottish National Party (SNP) for Scottish independence.

Northern Ireland is in the midst of a peace process and was on the way to becoming a post-conflict society.


17 Some of unpublished documents were provided by informants during the interviews. contracts and agreements.5 Data analysis Data analysis in this research was similar to other qualitative studies that were based on identifying themes and categorising patterns of data collected from interviews and documentary sources (Gulland ).

minutes of the meetings and newspapers. A republic is favoured by some pro-independence political parties and organisations, including the Scottish Green Party and the Scottish Socialist Party. The SNP is in favour of an independent Scotland continuing to recognise Elizabeth II as Queen of Scotland.

If the Scottish Government and Scottish National party want to spend more on welfare, they will of course be able to do so. The consequence of the Smith agreement is that the UK and Scottish Governments will in future work together to provide welfare systems for people in .

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