Automotive industry analysis in the us

Digital Ad Spending Forecast and Trends. Indeed, eMarketer expects the auto industry will have the second-highest CAGR of all US industries during the forecast period, trailing only entertainment Automotive will continue to rank as the second-largest industry segment in the US for digital ad spending after retail, keeping it near the forefront of digital marketing for at least the next several years. More recently, car buyers in the US have been energized by improving wages and confidence in the job market, low gas prices and low interest rates—all of which have lifted US car sales to record growth in

Automotive industry analysis in the us

Industry Clusters Evolving Role in Location Decisions The automobile is the most complex item most consumers will ever purchase. Correspondingly, the automotive industry, originally created by inventors, remains an industry that uses cutting-edge innovation and demands constant creativity and high-technology inputs.

Industry adoption of new vehicle technologies relating to emissions, vehicle electronics, connectivity, fuel economy, safety, and powertrain represents opportunities for companies located near knowledge centers to take advantage of the innovation synergies inherent in these clusters.

Sixty percent of motor vehicles made in North America are produced in the Midwest.

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Approximately three-fourths of the U. Also in the region, Ontario is home to AUTO21, a university-industry automotive research partnership that fosters practical automotive research in several areas. Ontario is also where the Ontario BioCar Initiative and the Ontario BioAuto Council are located, making the province a hub for bio-based automotive materials.

Thanks to its strong university system and Silicon Valley heritage, California is a high-tech research hub and conducts a significant amount of research into alternative fuels and powertrain technologies as well as intelligent transportation systems.

California is a key state conducting connected vehicle research, much of which is done by California Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology PATH and the California Department of Transportation Caltrans along with federal, private, and university partners.

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Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Economy Regulation Recent and proposed changes to federal automotive Green House Gas GHG and fuel economy legislation are poised to have a significant impact on the design of the automobile.

Corporate Average Fuel Economy CAFE legislation was first enacted by Congress in as a policy to increase fuel economy of passenger cars and light-duty trucks. Bythe combined required CAFE for light-duty truck fleets and passenger car fleets will be The increase in CAFE has already had an impact on the fuel economy of vehicles.

For the first time, the fleetwide CAFE for passenger cars and light-duty trucks exceeds 30 mpg see accompanying chart. The proposed regulations of California's Advanced Clean Cars ACC program are demanding new research to achieve zero-emission technologies through full battery electric cars, newly emerging plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, or hydrogen fuel cell cars.

The regulations, when finalized, are likely to be adopted by more than a dozen other states. The state of California estimates there could bezero-emission vehicles - either battery electric or fuel cell electric vehicles - on the road in California by Fuel economy and GHG emission regulation has created a pocket of investment in proximity to the California Air Resource Board laboratory in California.

Automotive industry analysis in the us

It has also led to clustering of vehicle manufacturer emissions testing facilities surrounding the EPA mobile sources laboratory in Michigan.

Vehicle Powertrain and Alternative Fuels Ongoing developments and improvements in various powertrain technologies will be essential to meet federal and state environmental regulations.

Powertrain technologies can be grouped into three broader categories: Each of these categories presents a wide range of technology options and cost considerations. Electric vehicles hold both promise and uncertainty.The annual Southern Automotive Quality Summit is a unique collaboration between the Alabama Automotive Manufacturer's Association (AAMA) and the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG).

The event showcases the southern automotive industry's commitment to world-class quality and attracts technical professionals and leaders seeking to improve. Sep 05,  · The automobile industry has been growing at a strong pace since its revival post the financial meltdown in Sales of light and heavy-duty vehicles have been up driven by .

Automotive Industry Analysis - Cost & Trends Get your motor running During the Great Recession of many people felt that the end of the American automobile industry was upon us.

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The automotive industry plays a central role in Mexico’s economy and trade. At the time when the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) entered into force, the automotive industry accounted for percent of Mexican GDP.

In , this share had increased to percent, according to the Mexican Statistical Institute (INEGI).


INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Today the automobile sector in India contributes 5% to the nation’s GDP, making it a prominent player in the economy. It will contribute around 19% of the Tax collection for financial year Industry Insights.

The global automotive tinting film market size was estimated at USD billion in The growing use of the tints to protect the interior of a vehicle from harmful UV rays, heat, and glare coupled with booming automotive industry is expected to drive the industry .

The Changing Geography of the American Auto Industry - Area Development