Brightest and best essay contest

Each choice we make can how affect our future, our impact on society, and the way others perceive us. Even a simple notion can spark a lifetime ideal — positive or negative. When we help out our communities, we are influencing ourselves you a positive way that you follows us throughout our adult improve.

Brightest and best essay contest

No matter how much you learn, no matter how opinions you form on the state of the world, a person is of no positive effect until they decide to help.

Ignorance is, undoubtedly, a serious issue in our society but being aware of issues is only part of the solution. In the words of Dr.

The other half is to teach you to do something about making the world a better place. When someone is in front of you, with nowhere else to look but directly at their issues, it becomes so much easier to understand what the person is going through and how you can help.

During summer vacation, I volunteered at a summer reading camp for children who were struggling with the subject. Over those weeks I realized that they are all incredibly bright. Every day I found myself surprised by their intelligence; none of the children standing before me were hopeless, idiotic, or worthless.

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None of the issues they had were beyond repair. Working there made me realize that throughout my life I believed in the wrong idea. All of these kids, who I had thought to be doomed from the start, just needed some assistance.

Being the person to help them made me se that I had been ignorant, and showed me how incorrect my assumptions were. For some students, service is seen as nothing more than a grade, as something that has no purpose beyond college applications.

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The lack of visible results may sometimes give the impression that no changes are being made, but community service is one of the most important building blocks of our country. We have to look at each other when nobody else will lend a hand —organizations Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army have been doing this for decades.

Without those who decide to help, our country will fall apart.

High school seniors, selected by their schools as the Detroit area's "Brightest and Best," are invited to participate in the contest by submitting a word essay on how to move our state forward. The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® competition identifies and honors organizations throughout the nation that display a commitment to excellence in their human resource practices and employee enrichment. The Best & Brightest Awards is a program of World Class Schools of Leon County, Inc. (WCS), a (c)(3) affiliate of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.

Hunger, Homelessness, and misery would spread through it like cracks. Each case of service helps both parties involved; one person finally gets the help they need, and the other is a step closer to finally completing the rest of their full education.

Community service has grown to be a vehicle for bringing a nation together. I feel that being involved in the community is a service that shines the light of importance of helping others. Not only does community service allow students the opportunity to make an impact in the life of others locally, but it also allows them to make a difference in society as a whole.

I like the fact that most school districts today require students to complete community service hours in order to graduate. This helps students to realize the importance of giving back and making a difference.KRVN Radio - Lexington, Nebraska.

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Brightest and best essay contest

Leon County’s most outstanding high school seniors were selected this week as the finalists for the Best & Brightest Awards. Essay Contest, and three students from across the.

The evening will also feature the 53 finalists of the Best & Brightest Awards’ Eighth Grade Essay Contest. The contest encourages middle school students to reflect on the importance of community.

Four years ago, the Best and Brightest Awards added a new element, the Eighth Grade Essay Contest. This contest is integral in catching the attention of younger students in Leon County and instilling the importance of community service before they begin their high school careers.

Brightest and best essay contest

The Best & Brightest Awards is a program of World Class Schools of Leon County, Inc. (WCS), a (c)(3) affiliate of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. Info The Best & Brightest Awards invites Leon County 8th grade students to recognize their potential and dream about their future by participating in the Best & Brightest Awards Essay Contest.

This contest encourages younger Leon County students to apply the principles of academic excellence and community service throughout their high .

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