Essay on chandrayaan 1

Low to suggest the Apollo 11 crew be less flippant in naming their craft.

Essay on chandrayaan 1

Of course, it is! But what unpredictability are we talking about? Is it about the pattern? Well, that changes every now and then.

Essay on chandrayaan 1

In fact, this aspect of UPSC has become Essay on chandrayaan 1 of sorts! What is really unpredictable is the demand of UPSC. What exactly does UPSC want from an aspirant? Should an aspirant have critical thinking or must she possess the attributes of an honest civil servant?

Should the candidates have the ability to memorise and reproduce information or should they be able to think and create a response at will?

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Does UPSC want to check your knowledge or does it only want to test your integrity? Being the ardent UPSC aspirants you are, the obvious response from you would be a mix of all the above!

But is that the case? We at IASbaba think differently. We believe that UPSC just wants to see your ability to adapt.

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How exactly do you respond to unlikely and difficult situations? How do you tackle a tricky scenario? How do you think vis a vis others in similar conditions posed with same problems? At the end of the day, what UPSC does is a comparative analysis of your performance.

Is there a pre-decided cut-off in Mains or interview? So ultimately everything boils down to your ability to adapt better than others. There is no absolute measurement of your performance. Its all about the way you respond to a change, the way you change your approach and the way you sync your mind, heart and soul to the demand of UPSC every year.

But after all, its easier said than done. How does one adapt? What are the tools that can help one guide in changed conditions? Well, the answer lies in the game of Cricket.

Of all the great Indian batsmen, the one who stands tall and garners respect from all the quarters is Rahul Dravid. While Sachin was a genius, Dravid was a fighter.

He had this uncanny ability to adapt to any condition and perform despite all the odds.Download Old NCERT E-Books for Geography Download Audio Notes for Geo, History, Polity & Science Optional Materials Repository for Mains India and World Geography-E-Book by Majid Husain Prelims (Geography Session)-Physical Maps of India.

Practice 20 latest English Reading Comprehension Passages tests and practice exercises for MBA entrance exams such as CAT,XAT,MAT etc. Apollo 15 was the ninth manned mission in the United States' Apollo program, the fourth to land on the Moon, and the eighth successful manned was the first of what were termed "J missions", long stays on the Moon, with a greater focus on science than had been possible on previous was also the first mission on which the Lunar Roving Vehicle was used.

UPSC Quiz- IASbaba’s Daily Current Affairs Quiz [Day 87] Archives Q.1) Consider the following statements about Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS) The first edition of GCCS was held in London in The theme for 5th edition of . Latest Tech News, smartphones, specifications, reviews, prices, Android, Apple, Windows, operating systems, browsers, cameras. The Lunokhod 1 rover landed on the Moon in November It was the first roving remote-controlled robot to land on any celestial body. The Soviet Union launched Lunokhod 1 aboard the Luna 17 spacecraft on November 10, , and it entered lunar orbit on November The spacecraft soft-landed in the Sea of Rains region on November The lander had dual ramps from which Lunokhod 1 could.

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The Lotus, the national flower of India, is a symbol of supreme reality. Hindu religion and mythology portray goddess Saraswathi, the muse of learning, as being seated on a lotus flower.

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