Euthanasia a fatal decision essay example

A Right to Die, a Will to Live:

Euthanasia a fatal decision essay example

There are several significant factors in determining the legality of this controversial act, however most cases are judged on their individual circumstances and merits. There are two main ways to classify euthanasia.

The distinguishing factor between the two is if it was the subject themselves who personally stopped medical support in order to die, or if someone else who acted on their behalf. The latter is the more controversial form of the two, with several cases that illustrate strong opposition to the practice.

One such example is that of a prostate cancer sufferer in Darwin, Bob Dent, who on the 22nd of September was aided in giving himself a lethal injection. The Act legalised the use of direct euthanasia; whereby a physician physically performs the act for a patient who is not capable to do so themselves, and also authorised indirect euthanasia; where the role of the physician is reduced to just providing the lethal means for the patient to terminate their own lives.

The most vocal are faithful to Catholicism, and claim to base their opposition on three main points. The first is that euthanasia, similar to abortion, devalues life. This is a stance that has been adopted on a wide scale in general society, illustrating the influence that religion has over debates of this nature.

The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney also fervently backs palliative care, and believes it should be the standard course of action- rather than even taking euthanasia into account.

The second argument of the church, is that legislation like that passed in the Northern Territory, sets a dangerous precedent for testing of the boundaries of the law.

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Why should they be denied the benefit? Euthanasia undermines the path God has designated for us, hence the passionate resistance of the clergy. Medicine is the more objective, and practical, party on the topic of euthanasia. Unlike the church, of utmost concern and above all other considerations is the quality of life being experienced by those requesting to be euthanized.

Palliative care is the theoretical rebuttal to euthanasia, to alleviate pain and improve life quality; however, doctors are aware of the physical and mental limitations patients often experience in response to this remedy.

Such is the social character of euthanasia, somewhat underground, due to its status in law.

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From a more ethical and moral medicinal standpoint, professionals in the business have a number of issues to contend with when dealing with the question of death. In becoming doctors, all practitioners are bound by the Hippocratic Oath, which is a sworn testament to the inclinations and welfare of the patient above all.

However, according to Dr. While it is the basic role of those who practice medicine to prevent pain and death, it is also their role to adhere to the desires of the patient. Adding even further ambiguity, is the legal system, which maintains that it is unlawful for a practitioner to assist death an assistance that would satisfy the patients requestin any way.

This once non existent conflict of interest, reflects the gradual evolution of medicine over time in relation to euthanasia. Beforeit was the standard role of a doctor to prolong death using whatever means necessary; often at the physical and emotional expense of the patient and their family.

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An answer is still yet to be established. As a result, all forms of euthanasia in Australia are currently illegal, however in a legal anomaly, suicide is not. Because of the contentious nature of the matter, the Australian Legal System has been slow in responding to the topic of euthanasia.

Intensified by the landmark decision to pass the law allowing voluntary euthanasia in the Northern Territory on the 26th Maythe government was obliged to seriously address the issue. It did not endorse direct or indirect forms of euthanasia, which is what stalwarts like Philip Nitschke have been pushing for.

Sincea series of bills with the purpose of legalising voluntary euthanasia have been defeated in New South Wales, South Australia, and Western Australian. Contrasting standpoints have been expressed, by the NSW parliament especially, over time in relation to the legal acceptance of assisted suicide.The link thus established between ideology and terror, although only realised by totalitarian organisation, is nonetheless implicit in all forms of ideology, for ideology ‘is quite literally what its name indicates: it is the logic of an idea’ and it treats the course of history in all its contingency and complexity as a function of the ‘logical exposition of its “idea”’.

For example, the legalization of euthanasia for children in Belgium ignores the fact that children can be subjected to pressure in opposition to their interests (“20 Reasons Why Euthanasia Corrupts Everything It Touches, And Must Be Opposed”).

There are some truths that I strive to preach, for lack of a better word, in today's information-culture wars propagated in our corrupt mainstream media.

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Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from Euthanasia is an Individual Decision Essay - Euthanasia is an Individual Decision According to the American Heritage Dictionary, euthanasia is defined as "the act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment.".

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Euthanasia a fatal decision essay example

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