Fmcg band image thesis

The population for this research study consists of the residence of Ahmedabad. In this study the sampling unit is individual consumer. But all FMCG products put together account for a significant part of the consumer's budget. Many of these products are perishable.

Fmcg band image thesis

Show full metadata Abstract Nowadays two major private label development models are often applied to the retail industry. On the one hand, in the SPLB model, the brand names between retail stores and the private label products are same.

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On the other hand, retailers from some countries are likely to adopt the DPLB model where they name their private label brands differently. However, the above private label brand strategies raise two issues. Firstly, how do consumers change their attitudes toward a store and its private label brands, especially when a high image store carries high image private label brands only versus a high image store carries both high and low image private label brands?

Similarly, how do consumers change their attitudes toward a store and its private label brands, especially when a low image store carries low image private label brands only versus a low image store carries both low and high image private label brands?

Therefore, the aim of this paper is to investigate the impact of consistent vs. Our empirical findings revealed that consumers generated more or less favourable attitudes toward a low or high image store that not only carried its low or high image private label brands but also high or low image private label brands.

Fmcg band image thesis

This finding was generally consistent with the implications of the averaging process view. Keywords Store image; Private label brand image; Consistent image; Inconsistent image; Consumer's attitude; Same private label brand image; Different private label brand image Date.– aspects of the brand image that do not involve physical, tangible, or concrete attributes or benefits (see Levy ).

Brand intangibles are a common means by which marketers differentiate their brands with consumers (Park, Jaworski, and MacInnis ) and transcend.

This thesis looks at iconic branding in the context of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) in and how, each iconic brand type differs.

This thesis studies the development of iconic brands in the context of FMCG and presents the process as a strategy option for FMCG brands. criteria for image selection for projective techniques 51 Table 4. ABSTRACT OF THESIS.

BRAND ANALYSES OF GLOBAL BRANDS. VERSUS LOCAL BRANDIN INDIAN. APPAREL CONSUMER MARKET. The purpose of this study was to conduct brand analyses on global brands in. On the other hand, a global brand tends to characterize the identity and image close to a specific product.

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More importantly, it is the blend of both tangible and intangible attributes that constitute a global brand. To evaluate the effect of Brand trust, Brand Image on Customer loyalty in the context of Maggi Brand in Fast moving consumer goods sector at Gwalior region.

Declaration of Originality I, Astha Joshi, declare that the thesis " Marketing Strategies in Creating Brand Image of FMCG in India with Special Reference to Store Promotion” is my own work conducted.

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