Frontier thesis in canada

European Union[ edit ] In the European Unionthe frontier is the region beyond the expanding borders of the European Union itself. EU has designated the countries surrounding it as part of the European Neighbourhood.

Frontier thesis in canada

Colonial AmericaBritish colonization of the AmericasFrench colonization of the Americas and Spanish colonization of the Americas Voyageurs passing a waterfall In the earliest days of European settlement of the Atlantic coast, the frontier was essentially any part of the forested interior of the continent lying beyond the fringe of existing settlements along the coast and the great rivers, such as the St.

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English, French, Spanish and Dutch patterns of expansion and settlement were quite different. Only a few thousand French migrated to Canada. These habitants settled in villages along the St. Lawrence river, building communities that remained stable for long stretches, rather Frontier thesis in canada leapfrogging west the way the Americans did.

Although French fur traders ranged widely through the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds, as far as the Rocky Mountainsthey did not usually settle down.

Actual French settlement in these areas was limited to a few very small villages on the lower Mississippi and in the Illinois Country. They did not push westward. The typical English settlements were quite compact and small—under a square mile. Conflict with the Native Americans arose out of political issues, i.

Frontier thesis in canada

Early frontier areas east of the Appalachian Mountains included the Connecticut River valley. Most of the frontier movement was east to west, but there were other directions as well.

The frontier in New England lay to the north; in Nevada to the east; in Florida to the south. Throughout American history, the expansion of settlement was largely from the east to the west, and thus the frontier is often identified with "the west".

On the Pacific Coast, settlement moved eastward. In New England, it moved north.

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United States See also: Many thousands of settlers, typified by Daniel Boonehad already reached Kentucky and Tennessee and adjacent areas. Some areas, such as the Virginia Military District and the Connecticut Western Reserve both in Ohiowere used by the states as rewards to veterans of the war.

How to formally include these new frontier areas into the nation was an important issue in the Continental Congress of the s and was partly resolved by the Northwest Ordinance The Southwest Territory saw a similar pattern of settlement pressure.

For the next century, the expansion of the nation into these areas, as well as the subsequently acquired Louisiana PurchaseOregon Countryand Mexican Cessionattracted hundreds of thousands of settlers.

The question of whether the Kansas frontier would become "slave" or "free" was a spark of the American Civil War.

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In general beforeNorthern Democrats promoted easy land ownership and Whigs and Southern Democrats resisted.FRONTIER THESIS, TURNER'SFRONTIER THESIS, TURNER'S. Frederick Jackson Turner's "The Significance of the Frontier in American History" is arguably one of the most influential interpretations of the American past ever espoused.

Source for information on Frontier Thesis, Turner's: Dictionary of American History dictionary.

Frontier thesis in canada

In the thesis, the American frontier established liberty by releasing Americans from European mindsets and eroding old, dysfunctional customs. The frontier had no need for standing armies, established churches, aristocrats or nobles, nor for landed gentry who . A third element of the framework tests the validity of Turner's Frontier Thesis and Creighton's Metropolitan Thesis when applied to northern Canada.

The fourth element consists of an overview of major northern environmental trends. In Canada the frontier thesis was popular between the world wars with historians such as A.R.M. LOWER and Frank UNDERHILL and sociologist S.D.

CLARK, partly because of a new sense of Canada's North American character. Add tags for "The frontier thesis and the Canadas: the debate on the impact of the Canadian environment;". Be the first. In Canada the frontier thesis was popular between the world wars with historians such as A.R.M.

LOWER and Frank UNDERHILL and sociologist S.D. CLARK, partly because of a new sense of Canada's North American character.

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