Half of the glass

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Half of the glass

Is the glass half empty or half full? And it is supposed to test your Psychological preference to being an Optimist or Pessimist as the Optimist assumes half-full and the Pessimist assumes half-empty.

But what the question Fails to account for is if an individual is a Scientist. That is, what if we took a logical and quantitative approach to a qualitative question? A Scientist would answer the above question like this: This response is rather direct and circumvents the anticipated psychological and qualitative response all together by changing the game to a Logical plane.

The questioner would no doubt feel very frustrated by this response because they cannot assess Pessimism or Optimism of the individual being questioned.

Science is such a party pooper! Next time when someone tries to ask you a cute question like "Is the glass half empty or half full? Play this angle smartly so as to not offend the questioner too much!

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Critical thinking is in woefully short supply. Be safe out there and use Logic and Reason carefully.

Half of the glass

From my LinkedIn Article here:Oct 19,  · If there is a substance in a glass that comprises half of the capacity of the glass, then it is half full. It is not half empty.

Here is the reason Consider that a full glass has a value of 1. A glass, filled up to the mid-point with some type of matter has a value of 1/2.

Therefore, that glass Status: Resolved. Is the glass half empty or half full? is an idiom. The question is a common expression with both an obvious meaning and a meaning which is inferred or implied. The phrase describes two different ways of understanding the meaning of a situation.

Half Full Glass Memes - results. Is The Glass Half Empty Or Half Full? featured about a year ago. by. anthropoceneman. follow. Like Comment Share. Tweet. Some Will See The Glass Half Empty And Some Will Drink It Any Ways.


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