Holocaust compare and contrast

Japan was one of the Axis of Evil of the International Drug Holocaust which had lasted years and at least Million Chinese were chronically massacred by Britain, U. The Japanese opium trade first came to light in the mids, when historians uncovered several secret Japan government documents. The documents show the Tokyo government was deeply engaged in the drug trade to make money off Chinese addicts.

Holocaust compare and contrast

That was followed by the two state required history college courses that are formed to break and focus around the Civil War. I was beat to death by education on the slavery period.

The thing we don't get, which is interesting since America is writing its own history, is examples of cases when slaves were treated decently sans no pay. A professor of mine mentioned there is less slavery education in the North but I don't know anything on that.

But on worth, the fact that Jews were used as slaves in concentration camps kind of means they had a perceivable monetary worth that could be measured in terms of work doesn't it? The biggest difference I can find between the Holocaust enslavement of Jews and the American enslavement of Blacks is that the Jews were government slaves while African Americans were private slaves.

The Jews definitely had some work-measured worth but since they weren't traded privately it was never measured in terms of money. I definitely think the Holocaust was a bit worse because as government slaves they are all affected by the same slave owner and the slave owner happened to hate them.

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Whereas one American slave owner could call Final Solution and exterminate all slaves under his control, that wouldn't kill any more than thirty or so at the most I'm not sure what the most slaves owned were back then. So I guess it comes down to Government slavery vs.

Privately-owned slavery to me. In concept, government slavery can be less worse because free cupcakes and healthcare means free cupcakes and healthcare for all existing slaves but in practice this isn't something that has happened and the opposite was universalized.

Science plays a big role as well Blacks may have gotten a worse wrap if science was any more advanced at the time. Jews got exposed to radiation tests, eyes plucked out and examined, viruses injected into them so scientists could study the effects, etc.

Holocaust compare and contrast

Plus if we isolate the Confederacy and isolate Germany, meaning no external form of liberation, it seems Jews would have been destroyed with no chance of internal liberation whereas Blacks would have kept working with a much greater potential toward an eventual internal liberation and if not an inevitable kind of Marxist yet slave uprising.

You could go to a town a concentration camp was in and go up to any citizen and be like "So how about that concentration camp?

Germany controlled the situation internally at the time Jews didn't really have much potential for help from citizens and their numbers were decreasing so a future uprising never would have happened. Bleh, wall of texted. Apr 02, Asian Holocaust: WMD Opium, Sex Slaves, Nanjing Massacre Pillage, Slavery, WMD Unit , , Life of a prisoner In World War II things weren’t easy.

There was allot of murdering and not many resources. The Nazis would kill anyone that gets on their way. A nuclear holocaust, nuclear apocalypse or atomic holocaust is a theoretical scenario involving widespread destruction and radioactive fallout causing the collapse of civilization, through the use of nuclear regardbouddhiste.com such a scenario, some of the Earth is made uninhabitable by nuclear warfare in future world wars..

Besides the obvious . Apr 02,  · Compare and Contrast: Jewish Holocaust to American Slavery Someone recently brought up the topic of how the Jewish Holocaust and American Slavery are similar in many aspects, while I agree with this, what I DON'T agree with is the sentiment that slavery was worse than the treatment of the Jews at that time and even at times before that.

LIFE IN THE CAMPS AND GHETTOS Photo courtesy of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Compare and Contrast Essay Could you imagine being kept like an animal, forced to work as a slave, and fed hardly anything?

Well Elie Wiesel and Jeanne Wakatski Houston did.

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