Implementing a system to wiretap the internet is illogical

Supreme Court ruling that lifted restrictions on their ability to tax all internet sales would be restrained under federal legislation announced on Friday. Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, a Wisconsin Republican, said the bill he introduced this week will clarify interstate sales tax collection requirements. The measure would prevent states from imposing sales tax collections on retailers before Jan. Online sellers need clarity and stability in the sales tax arena.

Implementing a system to wiretap the internet is illogical

Ryan GallagherHenrik Moltke June 25 The secrets are hidden behind fortified walls in cities across the United States, inside towering, windowless skyscrapers and fortress-like concrete structures that were built to withstand earthquakes and even nuclear attack.

Thousands of people pass by the buildings each day and rarely give them a second glance, because their function is not publicly known.

Implementing a system to wiretap the internet is illogical

But few details have been disclosed about the physical infrastructure that enables the spying. Now, we are revealing for the first time a series of other buildings across the U. If one network in a specific area of the country is overloaded with data traffic, another operator with capacity to spare can sell or exchange bandwidth, reducing the strain on the congested region.

They are also highly valued by the NSA, documents indicate. In all cases, we ensure that requests for assistance are valid and that we act in compliance with the law. Elsewhere, on the west coast of the U.

The source, citing direct knowledge of the facilities and their function, verified the addresses of the buildings in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, and Washington, D.

Long said that, at the time, he felt suspicious of the changes, because they were unusual and unnecessary. A large portion of the data and communications that pass across the cables is routed at one point through the U. As of Marchsome petabytes of data — the equivalent of more than 49 trillion pages of text, or 60 billion average-sized mp3 files — traveled across its networks every business day.

The company worked with the NSA to rank communications flowing through its networks on the basis of intelligence value, prioritizing data depending on which country it was derived from, according to a top-secret agency document.

From there, the data is then transferred about miles southwest to its final destination: The agency has broad legal powers to monitor emails, phone calls, and other forms of correspondence as they are being transported across the U.

Without an individualized court order, it is illegal for the NSA to spy on communications that are wholly domestic, such as emails sent back and forth between two Americans living in Texas. InCongress weighed into the dispute and controversially authorized elements of the warrantless wiretapping program by enacting Section of the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act, or FISA.

Filtering technology is often used by internet providers for security reasons, enabling them to keep tabs on problems with their networks, block out spam, or monitor hacking attacks.

But the same tools can be used for government surveillance.

Laws governing electronic monitoring

But this process is not an exact science, as people can use privacy or anonymity tools to change or spoof their IP addresses. A person in Israel could use privacy software to masquerade as if they were accessing the internet in the U.

Likewise, an internet user in the U. As a consequence, Judge John D. But the cautionary banner did not solve the problem.

The upstream method involves tapping into communications as they are passing across internet networks — precisely the kind of electronic eavesdropping that appears to have taken place at the eight locations identified by The Intercept.

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The art deco structure, made of limestone, was designed to be the largest in the city at the time at 25 stories tall. However, due to the Great Depression, plans were scaled back and at first, it only had six stories.

Between andthe building was upgraded to host 14 stories, and a large brown microwave tower — visible for miles — was also added.

NSA documents explicitly describe tapping into flows of data at all eight of these sites. The Atlanta facility is likely of strategic importance for the NSA. From undersea cables that come aground at Miami, huge flows of data pass between the U.

It is probable that much of that data is routed through the Atlanta facility as it is being sent to and from the U. The foot skyscraper, located in the West Loop Gate area of the city, was completed in There are windows at both the top and bottom of the vast concrete structure, but 18 of its 28 floors are windowless.

Today, the facility contains six large V yellow Caterpillar generators that can provide backup electricity in the event of a power failure, according to the Chicago Sun Times.Newspapers.

Implementing a system to wiretap the internet is illogical

implementing a system to wiretap the internet is illogical / The en banc Third Circuit heard oral argument yesterday in two cases The audio of the arguments is already up on the courts website. books. 3 hours ago · GAINESVILLE, Fla(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Local Systems (OLS) recently announced a partnership with Info Tech, Inc., a .

is Internet e-mail, which creates billions of potential connections that cross national boundaries.” least arguable that a search warrant was insufficient—that full wiretap authorization was necessary, at least for voicemail.3 Although it seems preposterous to think that Although this was illogical, it seemed to be mandated by the.

of implementing wiretaps by working with a single ser- vice provider and phone company, the FBI found itself facing a plethora of suppliers of services and telephones. The United States District Court for the Northern District of California recently dismissed with prejudice most claims asserted by consumer plaintiffs in In re iPhone Application Litigation, including causes of action under the Stored Communications Act (“SCA”), the Wiretap Act, and other.

Once the internet traffic arrives on U.S. soil, it is processed by American companies. And that is why, for the NSA, AT&T is so indispensable.

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