Indelible memories

But once again I will save this for another chapter and carry on to the centre of the village. Set back from the main road behind a stone wall and half hidden by tall trees, this was the grandest house in the whole village as far as I was concerned. The Rector during the war was the Rev. He died inand was followed by the Rev.

Indelible memories

Dillon Ojo, —Gone Too Soon. One of the most charismatic and talented riders to emerge over the last decade, Dillon Ojo, passed away in the early hours of Friday June 29th, Though his tenure in the snowboarding spotlight ended far too soon, there is no denying the indelible mark Dillon made on those who knew him or were inspired by his abilities.

And I miss you. Dillon possessed the type of energy that stole a room the minute he opened the door. His sense of humor. Dillon was the dude that everyone look to. He just had it.

Last night, Dillon Ojo passed away, and I am crushed. Most importantly, his family. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that they are feeling and the tears I shed are very much for them. He was always smiling, always laughing, always seeking out the positive in every situation.

Simply put, Dillon was an incredible human being and I am so grateful that I knew him. I am, there is no doubt about that. To Dillon, you lived an incredible life and you touched so many people.

You progressed our culture and brought so much to it, and for that, I thank you. I love you, buddy. I learned really quickly that Ojo had an affinity for finding unique spots that only he would dare to hit. The last time I really got to hang out with him was a couple years back at a house party.

By the end of the night, the whole party erupted into an epic dance party because of Dillon, and that was the type of person he was. He had that energy to get every stoked, whether it was him DJing a dance party, or sliding through multiple kinks.

We love you Dillon, you are one of a kind, and there is no doubt that you will live in our memories forever.

Thank you for everything you gave to snowboarding and to the people around you.

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Dillon was an archetype of this unique dichotomy, as he was both incredibly impactful through his video parts, interviews, and photos, and even more importantly, he was beloved among family, friends, and honestly anyone he met even just briefly. He was a bright talent, a big personality, and a person who made snowboarding better for his presence.

Everyone in snowboarding who he touched--and there are so many--has poignant stories of his larger-than-life riding and character. Dillon was genuine, kind, and so talented, and his absence is shattering.

Thank you, Dillon, for everything you did, we all miss you.An international center for the preservation, study, and exhibition of film and video with a particular focus on American independent and avant-garde cinema and its precursors found in classic European, Soviet and Japanese film.

04/15/ Enjoyed your Web site about Eastwood Mall, Mr. Wells. I grew up in Oneonta AL in the 60s (OHS Class of ) and remember when it opened. 31 Dec - Personal Memories: Dick Dunn. I was so sorry to read the sad news about the recent passing of Richard Dunn.

As a former Walthamstow resident (as were my parents), I'd corresponded with him several times, and it was a delight to "talk" to him via e-mail and to share his enormous knowledge of Walthamstow and his enthusiasm for the stories and articles that appeared on his website.

Indelible memories

DOREEN DOREEN:: Our drummer. The drill team during a parade rehearsal shortly after its return from the GITMO training session where, by an act of God and a lot of hard work and a little luck, a Drill Team was created from scratch with all RVN Vets for the 69 season.

To Anita, Michael, Andrea, Patrick, Daniel, Neil and your large, loving family – upon hearing such jarring and upsetting news of Frank’s passing, we can only hope that all of our prayers and all of our happy memories of Frank, and his big smile, will support you through this terribly sad time.

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