Mali empire essay

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Mali empire essay

It began as a small Malinke kingdom at the upper Niger River. It was prominent after when Sundianta a royal slave and a magician, started the Malinke resistance against southern Soninke central part of old Ghana, West African region this made the territory invade most places where gold was found.

The location Niami was near the gold mine fields of Bure and Bumbuk. Camels, horses and donkeys were use for transport, although goods were also Mali empire essay through the Niger River.

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This empire was established on the basis of monopolization of trade and occupied large parts of West Africa and north of the forested region. Sundiata was the one who introduced cultivation and weaving of cotton in the empire.

He unified the empire by laying a foundation of a common culture. It was presumed that his supernatural powers were the causes of defeating his enemies and establishing the Mali Empire.

Mali empire essay

The proximity to the river Niger and presence of fertile lands furthered the cultivation of food crops for general consumption of the people of the Mali Empire including those living in the far north of the river and oasis towns which occurred in the desert across trade routes.

This enabld the Mali Empire and its conquest to alleviate drought and have a more stable food supply thus creating a stable economy which favored its existence. This contributed different cultures and people to be included in the federation of states, where the Malinke were the majority.

Small kingdoms began submission to the Mali Empire, and started offering annual contributions in form of foodstuff like rice, lances, millet and weapons such as arrows.

Mali used slaves to cultivate farmlands where rice, sorghum, beans, millet, papaya, cotton, and peanuts were grown. The livestock of the Mali included cattle, goats, poultry, and sheep Shillington, p.

Under the leadership of Sundiata Mali became a huge empire, where he acted as the religious and ruler of the land. He was also referred to as the guardian of the ancestors.

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He was extraordinarily wise, and managed the empire effectively. The resistance and revolts of the small kingdoms was silenced by the army and patrol of the trade routes by the army gave security.Mali: Mali,, trading empire that flourished in West Africa from the 13th to the 16th century.

The Mali empire developed from the state of Kangaba, on the Upper Niger River east of the Fouta Djallon, and is said to have been founded before ad The Malinke inhabitants of Kangaba acted as middlemen in.

View Essay - Sundiata Essay from HIST H at Loyola University New Orleans. Malis Enthralling Culture in an Epic From the very first moment the reader begins Sundiata: The Epic of Old Mali. The Empire of Mali was a West African empire of the Mandinka people and emerged around AD.

The empire was founded by the great warrior-diplomat, Sudiata, who reigned from to A.D. Stories of the great warrior Sudiata could be read in a tale titled, Sudiata: Epic of old Mali, by D.T. Songhai Empire.

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The Songhai Empire started out as a fishing and trading center on the Niger River in a place called Gao where West African and Muslim traders visited often. Just like Ghana and Mali, the Songhai people were influenced by Islam, and many people even converted.

For many years, Songhai people were ruled for many years by Mali, and were forced to pay taxes. Rulers like Sundiata Keita and Mansa Musa expanded Mali's territory until it was larger than Ghana's before a slow, centuries-long decline ended Mali's rule of the region.

The Songhai Empire's. Need essay sample on Mali Empire?We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page. order now. Introduction In its peak, the people of Mali occupied land as far west as the Atlantic Ocean.

They also traveled as far east as Gao, the capital of the.

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