Personalization case essay

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Personalization case essay

Customization gives control to the user and personalization gives control to the site. Is there a difference between them? Which one is better? It depends on your goals and implementation. Definitions Personalization is done by the system being used.

Developers set up the system to identify users and deliver to them the content, experience, or functionality that matches their role. Personalization can be done down at the individual level e. Customization is done by the user. A system may enable users to customize or make changes to the experience to meet their specific needs by configuring layout, content, or system functionality.

The main goal of personalization is to deliver content and functionality that matches specific user needs or interests, with no effort from the targeted users. The system profiles the user and adjusts the interface according to that profile.

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Personalization may deliver or emphasize particular information, restrict or grant access to certain tools, or simplify transactions and processes by remembering information about a user. On an intranet, personalization could remove access to Personalization case essay tool intended only for certain employees.

In an app, personalization might retain past searches to enable quick access to information that might be of interest again.

In none Personalization case essay these instances do users need to take any action to make these changes: There are two types of personalization: This is particularly common on intranets where HR databases typically hold substantial data about each employee.

Here, the computer creates a model of each individual user and presents different things to each person.

The Intermountain Healthcare intranet offered content tailored both to a specific role e. Customization lets users make their own selections about what they want to see, or set preferences for how information is organized or displayed.

It can enhance user experience because it allows users to control their interaction.

Personalization case essay

Customization might allow users to track weather for a set of cities beyond their current location — such as frequent travel destinations or locations of friends and family. It may allow an intranet user to create a list of My Links to frequently needed pages.

Or it may allow a user to move content around a homepage to match specific interests. BBC News Android app: Users could select the news topics in which they were interested and access them quickly in the My News section of the app.

The upside of customization is that each user can get exactly what they want, because they are in control. If users struggle to find information of interest on a site, the solution may not be to implement personalization or customization, but instead to fix the underlying site structure or even the content that is presented.

Customization works well under the assumption that users know best what their goals and needs are. On the other hand, personalization is based on artificial intelligence about a user or a group of users gathered by the system over time.

It can work well if users do not know exactly what they need and must filter through a large information space. Customization imposes higher interaction cost: On the other hand, with personalization, all the work is done by the system.

Designers often have many good ideas for things that can be provided to users, from ideationfeature requests, and other sources. This temptation should be resisted: Personalization and customization should enhance an already good experience, rather than try to fix a poor one.

They should be used thoughtfully, with a clear purpose.

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Consider that both customization and personalization require work and maintenance over time. Personalization requires regular reviews to make sure the right content is going to the right profiles, and customization needs to allow users to make changes as interests or preferences change.Posted by David Tucker to.

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Personalization Case Essay Sample. 1. Understand the meaning on personalisation in social care. Define the term ‘personalisation’ as it applies in social care.

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Personalization case essay

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