Picket fence free fall lab

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. After you take that result and multiply by The additional information I need to determine the average speed of the Picket Fence as it moves through the Photogate is the amount of time need to go through it. If an object is moving with constant acceleration, the shape of its velocity vs.

Picket fence free fall lab

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Freefall and Projectile Motion Freefall and Projectile Motion Introduction and Objectives This lab experiment was done to determine the characteristics of free fall and projectile motion in Physics. The motion in which a body is thrown or projected is called Projectile motion while free fall is any motion of a body where gravity is the only force acting upon it, at least initially.

In this experiment, a photogate, a chopper, and a Universal Lab Interface were used to determine the free fall motion of the chopper as it was released.

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At the end of the experiment, one will know how velocity and time affect the acceleration of a free falling object and its projectile motion. Thoery Aristotle stated in his theory of motion that the fall of a heavy object toward the center of the earth is a natural motion because the object is just returning to its natural place.

He also stated that heavy objects fall faster than lighter ones because increase in the rate of motion is proportional to the weight of the object.

The experimental range used in the experiment is 45 cm, and the expression of the range of the projectile was found in terms of Vg and h. After each experiment, the Logger Pro software determined the curve of the time vs velocity graph to determine which had a better Linear fit, either the Quadratic or the Linear curve.

The percentage error calculated. This is because the heights from where the picket fence was dropper was different in every trial. It was shown that under the influence of gravity, an object falls on its own with its velocity accelerating at a constant pace.

Picket fence free fall lab

There cannot be any other force acting upon it, especially air resistance, which should either be absent or ignored by its minute size. Because of this, the object accelerates downward at a constant rate.

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This acceleration is usually represented with the symbol g. In this experiment, a precise timer was connected to the computer and a Photogate was used to measure the acceleration due to gravity. It can detect whenever this beam is blocked. As the Picket Fence passes through the Photogate, the computer will measure the time from the leading edge of one bar blocking the beam until the leading edge of the next bar blocks the beam.

From these measured times, the program will calculate the velocities and accelerations for this motion and graphs will be plotted.In this activity, students will measure the acceleration of a freely falling body (g) to better than % precision with the help of a Picket Fence and a Photogate.

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Key Steps Students set up this experiment by attaching a photogate to a large ring stand and start the EasyData App in order to collect free fall data.

During free-fall the only force that should be acting upon the object is the earth’s gravitational pull ( m/s/s), therefore the velocity of the object should always equal m/s/s. In this lab the picket fence was dropped repeatedly through a photogate connected to Logger Pro, which allowed the fence’s acceleration and velocity to be.

Experiment: Picket Fence Free Fall. We say an object is in free fall when the only force acting on it is the Earth’s gravitational force. No other forces can be acting; in particular, air resistance must be either absent or so small as to be ignored.

Picket fence free fall lab

We say an object is in free fall when the only force acting on it is the Earth’s gravitational force. No other forces can be acting; in particular, air resistance must be either absent or so small as to be ignored.

When the object in free fall is near the surface of the earth, the gravitational. 2-Long and 1-short lab posts, 3-clamps, Timer, Free Fall apparatus w/ pad, two different sized metal balls, meter stick, computer, photogate w/ stand, photogate port w/ USB link, large plastic fence with m spacing, cushion or foam.

Nov 08,  · All of those plus g does vary a little on the Earth's surface. Oil companies actually use the variation to find likely oil fields. Much depends on how you measured g. The usual approach is to estimate the inaccuracy in measured quantities and "propagate" those errors .

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