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Contact Us Search Incorporation by registration was introduced in and the doctrine of limited liability followed in Subsequently in in Solomon v. In that case the apex court simply laid down that a company is a distinct legal person entirely different from the members of that company. What this means is that the company has life of it's own, can own property, can sue and be sued in it's own name, has perpetual life and existence to name a few of the benefits of incorporation.

Pierce the veil

It constitutes the bedrock principle upon which company is regarded as an entity distinct from the shareholders constituting it. When a company is incorporated it is treated as a separate legal entity distinct from its promoters, directors, members, and employees; and hence the concept of the corporate veil, separating those parties from the corporate body, has arisen.

This doctrine has been established for business efficacy, necessity and as a matter of convenience. Various grounds Pierce the veil piercing of the corporate veil and elements of lifting of corporate veil analyzed through the lens of leading case laws and judgements form the crux of this project report.

The Pierce the veil subscribers to the memorandum were his wife and five children who each took up one share. The business subsequently collapsed, and Salomon made a claim, on the basis of the debentures held, as a secured creditor. The liquidator argued that Salomon could not rank ahead of other creditors because, in fact, the company and Mr.

The House of Lords held that only the company as the separate legal owner of the property, and not the plaintiff, had the required insurable interest.

The plaintiff, being a shareholder, did not have any legal or beneficial interest in that property merely because of his shareholding.

In Hobart Bridge Co. J summarizes the position in the following manner: Therefore, it can be seen that there has been, and still is, the highest authority for the separate entity concept.

However, consideration has to be given to the limitations of the separate entity principle which completely denies the efficacy of the corporate entity as a legal person separate from its founders, shareholders or management.

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Judgements as early as the Salomon case have indicated the recognition of exceptions to the principle of separate entity by the courts. The courts can, and often do, pull off the mask. They look to see what really lies behind. Judicial discretion and also legislative action allows the separate entity principle to be disregarded where some injustice is intended, or would result, to a third party either internal or external to the company with whom the company is dealing.

Lifting the veil doctrine exists as a check on the principle that, in general, investor shareholders should not be held liable for the debts of their corporation beyond the value of their investment.

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The corporate evil is said to be lifted when the court ignores the company and concerns itself directly with the members or the managers. One of the grounds for lifting of the corporate veil is fraud. The courts have pierced the corporate veil when it feels that fraud is or could be perpetrated behind the veil.

The courts will not allow the Solomon principal to be used as an engine of fraud. The two classic cases of the fraud exception are Gilford Motor Company Ltd v. Horne in which Mr.

Horne was an ex-employee of The Gilford motor company and his employment contract provided that he could not solicit the customers of the company. The company brought an action against him. In the second case of Jones v. Lipman a man contracted to sell his land and thereafter changed his mind in order to avoid an order of specific performance he transferred his property to a company.

Russel J specifically referred to the judgments in Gilford v. Lipman and the company.

Lyrics to "Caraphernelia" song by Pierce The Veil: Sunshine, there ain't a thing that you can do that's gonna ruin my night. (But, there's just somethi. The corporate veil in the United Kingdom is a metaphorical reference used in UK company law for the concept that the rights and duties of a corporation are, as a general principle, the responsibility of that company alone. Just as a natural person cannot be held legally accountable for the conduct or obligations of another person, unless they have expressly or implicitly assumed responsibility. piercing - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.

Under no circumstances will the court allow any form of abuse of the corporate form and when such abuse occurs the courts will step in.

The second ground for piercing of corporate veil covers group enterprises. Sometimes in the case of group of enterprises the Solomon principal may not be adhered to and the court may lift the veil in order to look at the economic realities of the group itself.

Pierce the veil

In the case of D. The court of appeal thought that the present case where it was one suitable for lifting the corporate veil.

Here the three subsidiary companies were treated as a part of the same economic entity or group and were entitled to compensation. The nature of shareholding and control would be indicators whether the court would pierce the corporate veil. That the corporator has complete control of the company is not enough to constitute the company as a mere facade rather that term suggests in the context the deliberate concealment of the identity and activities of the corporator.

The third ground for piercing the corporate veil is agency. In the case of Solomon v. Solomon Justice Vaughan Williams expressed that the company was nothing but an agent of Solomon.

A company having power to act as an agent may do so as an agent for its parent company or indeed for all or any of the individual members if it or they authorize it to do so.

If so the parent company or the members will be bound by the acts of its agent so long as those acts are within actual or apparent scope of the authority. But there is no presumption of any such relationship in the absence of an express agreement between the parties it will be difficult to establish one.

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