Signs of a true revival

Sparks 1 Praise the name of Jesus Messieh.

Signs of a true revival

You will follow me into another region, to a spot where angels are gathered together in quiet, happy converse. On the right hand of that Throne, just where one arm of the emerald Rainbow dipt downwards, a group of these ministering spirits were met to speak of the past, and prepare for coming work.

Seated among them, I was allowed to listen and learn. Only a few spoke. The notes I give, however, are a few recollections of what passed, and these bearing on things that concern us here below, in our sphere of service. I The first who spoke was the irresistible Angel who, on the night of the Passover, was sent forth to destroy the firstborn of Egypt Heb.

Signs of a true revival

He referred to that service as something very terrible, almost too terrible; but he was upheld by the discovery he got of the glory of divine justice taking vengeance on sin.

Nor less was he revived when his eye from time to time turned to the blood-sprinkled lintels and door-posts of Israel, where grace was seen saving its thousands at the cost of divinely precious atonement, set forth in the blood of the Paschal Lamb.

Tell both unceasingly, that the justice may send souls to the blood and our God be glorified in the highest, when "a thousand fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand," but the sword comes not nigh to those whose lintels and door-posts are sprinkled.

And there rose up one like him in aspect, every way as majestic and mighty, yet very solemn and calm. It was the angel who smote the host of Sennacherib, an hundred and eighty-five thousand in one night, using the drawn sword that once threatened death to Jerusalem 1 Chron.

He pictured the scene of exuberant and boisterous mirth in the Assyrian tents; their boastful exultation, as they fancied themselves already in the Temple; and then how the revelry died away, and sleep stole over them. How easy it was for him to go forth on his work!

He needed only to flash his sword, and the heart of every sleeper was still for ever. How peaceful were the dwellings of Jerusalem! O Angel of the Church of Finnieston, when you return, tell your flock what simple faith in our Jehovah wins. Tell anxious ones to look upon the blood of the mercy-seat, as did that king and his people, and use continually the appeal of simple faith.

It seemed a very small matter, scarcely requiring an Angel to be despatched from heaven to earth; but I joyfully went forth when my Lord called. And soon it appeared that had that man gone on to pronounce his withering curse, Israel would have had no courage to fight; Israel would not have entered the land; the promise to the seed of Abraham would have failed; Messiah would not have come; your world would have been unredeemed!

Go and tell your flock the importance of a small service. Tell parents and teachers that to arrest evil, in the case of even one soul, may turn out to have been an inestimable blessing to the whole world.

He extolled the grace of his Lord and ours in delicately and tenderly reproving, while upholding, the desponding man of God.

When he had finished his brief story, his eye fell on me; and to me this message was intrusted. But I should remark that for the most part I could not catch the names of almost any.

They did not seem to care to be known individually by any one but their Lord. What a lesson I thought to some workers among us, who, unless they be spoken of, and their names made prominent, will not persevere in what they undertake. I saw there is no such sinful sensitiveness, no such ambition in that holy heaven!

It was Gabriel who stood up now.

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With that eloquence that is peculiar 1 Cor. But oh, how he was moved when next he related his mission to Nazareth, in which he announced to Mary that she was the mother of the Word made flesh! He did not, however, dwell upon his own feelings; the subject seemed too great even for him.

O tell your Elders, and all among your flock who try to proclaim the love of God in sending His Son, that to us their privilege seems the highest that a creature can enjoy!

Signs of a true revival

To have such news to proclaim! Oh, it is sweet to sound the silver trumpet! When I was done with my brief message, how happy I thought the shepherds in being permitted to go everywhere and tell it all to their friends and neighbours.

Nor forget to carry a word to those in your congregation who lead the song, and to all in the flock for surely they all join in the song, every one?

The multitude of the heavenly host, who joined me on that night almost ere I was done with my message, have often since declared that never did they find themselves so lifted up and blessed, as in singing to Him who sent His Son, and singing with their eye on Him who had come down to obey and suffer and die for sinners.

A few days after that memorable night, when carrying a message to Joseph, who was still at Bethlehem Matt. Use that argument, O man of God, whenever you would thaw the icy heart of any one among your flock who gives little to Him who gave all for him.Signs of a True Revival Three things characterize all true revival: earnest, heartfelt prayer, a deep searching of the Bible; and a passionate commitment to win lost people.

These three essentials of true revival are manifest in the disciples’ experience in Acts. One of the signs of true revival is a form of repentance that brings righteousness and holiness into a convert’s life. It is not legalistic, however.

In my own life, for example, I lost all interest in rock music, wild parties, worldly dancing, woman chasing, occultism, beer drinking, and hating certain people.

These five signs are at best inconclusive tests, if not false proofs of religious interest, genuine conversion, or true revival. Those who rest on these signs have the . Signs of a True Revival Three things characterize all true revival: earnest, heartfelt prayer, a deep searching of the Bible; and a passionate commitment to win lost people.

These three essentials of true revival are manifest in the disciples’ experience in Acts. Signs of True Revival Father is not in him. For everything in the world--the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does--comes not from the Father but from the world.” Clearly, he means.

The Marks of Genuine Revival Charisma: Many believe that supernatural signs and wonders must accompany a true revival. What kind of miracles took place in the Bolivian revival? Ruibal: The miracles were so remarkable and abundant that it is hard to adequately describe.

One of the outstanding miracles involved a woman who was dying of bone.

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