Summary about bodega dreams

I suppose I should do a Kakashi-style introduction here, shouldn't I?

Summary about bodega dreams

Summary about bodega dreams

About one year ago, I began the daily practice of saying Modeh Ani,1 the short prayer said aloud upon awakening. Who knew that 12 words would have such an enormous impact on my life? Here I was a late something and I was experiencing anxiety attacks and depression that left me feeling alone, isolated and disconnected.

My problems seemed unsurmountable and I was struggling to make my way out of this rough patch.

Summary about bodega dreams

While it relaxed me in the moment, none of it stuck. I still found myself going back to the same old comfortable routines that confined me.

Then I started reciting Modeh Ani. I was skeptical, to say the least.

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The following three insights arose from my own daily recitation of Modeh Ani. Like a rose, each petal, each word, began to blossom Summary about bodega dreams unfold. It seemed easier to stay under the covers than to face the growing demands and responsibilities of being an adult. My life seemed stagnant in hues of grey, consisting of going to an unfulfilling job, to a diminishing social circle to weight-management or lack thereof.

In the back of my mind I wondered how I could change my life for the better. How could I climb my mountain? I started with a baby step — saying Modeh Ani.

Every day, I would focus in on the words, "Your faithfulness is great. Not a little, not somewhat, but greatly! I started to allow the words to penetrate and supersede the negative beliefs I had about myself.

I began taking on greater responsibilities as a team-leader at a local soup kitchen. Whereas, I used to be shy and avoid social gatherings with new faces, I began going to social events and developing richer relationships with a variety of people. I no longer saw myself as a victim. If a friend was in need, I pitched in to help.

If God believes that I have everything I need within me in order to fulfill my day, my mission, then who am I to disagree?

I didn't coincidentally wake up; another day was gifted to me with intention.

A Jewish Mantra

Whether that day felt like a blessing or a curse, I was still 6 feet above ground. Did I overeat the night before? Would it be nice to meet my soul mate?

Was the weather crummy, cold, and snowing? Yes, this was a New York winter! There are so many ways to be pulled down in this life. But call me crazy, I started to literally stop and smell the roses for sale at the local bodega. I laughed a little harder with my friends at work. I began appreciating the one thing nearly all of us take for granted: Each day, we can choose to take one moment to receive some pleasure from our environment, no matter what the circumstance may be.

That is pretty awesome. I give thanks before You When you're miserable, the last thing you want to do is give appreciation.

What did I have to be truly deeply grateful for? I was spending many hours watching my father go in for chemotherapy, for radiation, for brain surgery.

He grew thin, bald, and sickly. It pained me to visit him in his last days. From where was I to gain the strength to be happy, as I knew my father wanted for me?“It is the search for explanation itself and the experience of the alien, disturbing, and frightening that thrills audiences.” In The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, directed and produced by Sophie Fiennes, Slavoj Žižek opines from a boat, mimicking a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

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