Writing a casting call

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Writing a casting call

writing a casting call

Casting Call Character Bloghop: This is my post for the Casting Call Character Bloghop! The point of this bloghop is to share images and other media about the characters and settings in my NaNo project.

To orient you to my story, I offer my logline: When a shy and diffident U. Army soldier fighting in Iraq guns down a local shopkeeper and suffers a loss of confidence, a fellow soldier with the innate ability to pacify the aggression of others aids him as he strives to defy his intolerant squad leader, bring the fight to the enemy, and restore his own sense of self worth.

Next, a few shots to give a sense of the setting. The story takes place in a fictional district of Baghdad inwhen the fighting against the insurgents was at its worst.


Blonde hair, blue eyes. Built like a marathoner. His heart is in the right place, and he tries to do the right thing when the circumstances call for it. Considered a nerd and minor player by the rest of the squad.

PFC Sedo is from Utah. Almost like an albino in appearance, with piercing gray eyes. Narrow waist, broad shoulders, trim but muscular. His influence over the people around him is a major catalyst to the action of the story. He demands unconditional loyalty and respect, and cuts anyone who does not give it to him down to size.

He rules the squad with an iron fist.

Read the script again

Did that in MS Powerpoint, yes I did. Came up with it myself. You take your hands off! How go preps for NaNo? Are you ready to go?

What else do you do to get your characters clear in your mind? Have a totally groovy weekend, and thanks for stopping by!This is the place for you to find up to the minute casting notices for acting roles of all kinds.

In addition to a bevy of incredible casting call listings, we present you with some useful tips that might come in handy for your upcoming Acting Auditions. Practical Advice for Submitting to Online Casting Calls Often times it is an assistant who is downloading everything and getting it in order, not the casting director.

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To Be Seen - How To Write An Effective Casting Call

Learning how to write a strong casting notice for your film projects is important because it is the first point of contact between you and your potential actors.

It will determine the way your project is perceived and actors will be quick to judge your project based on the professionalism of your casting call.

Actor and Tumblr curator Lynne Marie Rosenberg shares her guide for writing inclusive casting breakdowns. How (Not) to Write a Casting Breakdown | HowlRound Theatre .

The Casting Call is a tool that clients can use to find writers for their content projects. It's a recruiting tool that allows them to specify their project details and writers can apply to them.

As long as you are the minimum star level requested by the client, you will be able to apply.

writing a casting call
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